Virtual Reality or VR is the amazing experience in a computer-simulated reality that allows you to enter into such world and be fully immersed in it. You are not watching it, but you are inside.

VR Games Albania is the perfect place to meet the future for all those that want to dive in the virtual world and escape the daily monotony.

At VR Games Albania, you can experience and be part of the virtual world in the dedicated rooms. Your friends or family can watch you on the TV screens or enjoy together with you the thrilling VR experience. You can live this adventure as a part of a team or challenge them. Whatever your choice, we guarantee such games excitements and fun that you will ask to live again!

Sure – you can book online on our website

Certainly! Please contact at or to get all the necessary details.

We do have access at a wide variety of VR games from international well-known companies, whom we have the respective agreements with. In addition, we do have various non-gaming titles. We aim to further expand our library. While booking on our website you may decide the game you want to play.

If not sure which game or experience fits you most, our dedicated staff will be happy to advice and recommend what’s best to you!

Of course! It is much more fun when you share such thrilling moments with someone! You can play together with your friends or family either as part of a team or against them.

The recommended minimum age is 12, however, the younger players are welcomed if accompanied and supervised by a parent for the duration of their game session.

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