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Escape the reality and enter into another world

Be real in the virtual reality

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Dhoma VR
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VR Headset

With this head-mounted device, you open the door to the virtual reality world

VR Controllers

Controllers are your hands in the virtual reality world and you are free to rule it

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Advanced Tech

Through the most advanced and professional technology, the virtual reality world that will surround you is neither the 7D or 9D cinema, but completely something else...

Unforgettable Experiences

Choose where to travel and what to see!

Exciting Games

Experience the magic of virtual reality by choosing from a wide range of games

Extraordinary Experiences


Lista e çmimeve të Virtual Reality

Mini VR

20 20 Minuta
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Max VR

30 30 Minuta
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Mega VR

40 40 Minuta
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  • List Item #2
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Party & Events

Evente, ditëlindje apo festa të ndryshme? VR ju vjen në ndihmë.

Icon Birthdays


Throw a birthday party you’ll never forget! Let our staff take care of supervising, and troubleshooting so all you have to do is relax, take photos, and have fun.

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Team Building

Get out of the office and into a new reality. From cooperative games to competitive tournaments, VR Games is a fantastic and fun new way to approach team building.

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Group & Friends

Sometimes you just want to play with all your friends! Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll make your next outing out of this world.

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